SYLK is an experience of finding your own color.

Create memories at home by making your very own rings with a loved one, whether it be a significant other, best friend or family member.

SYLK Class (available only in Korea)
Learn how to make jewelry with our SYLK designer and bring out that hidden artist in you.

SYLK Jewelry 
We create handmade jewelry that makes you feel like art.


SYLK head director, Jisun Kang, grew up in Seoul, South Korea. She studied art and design with metal crafts at Kookmin University and has gained experience in the fashion and jewelry industry. SYLK came to life with the creation of the pure silver Couple Ring DIY Kit. The vision of this unique kit was to have anyone in the world be able to experience metal crafts at home.

We believe that jewelry is an art form that can be worn to be a way of expression and finding your identity. 

Create your own story with SYLK.


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